Steven Aldrich Advances Brain Fitness at Posit Science

In this Leaders in Elder Care Interview, I spoke with Steven Aldrich of Posit Science.  Posit Science is one of the leaders in what is a growing market for brain fitness and memory care software.  There are many ways to provide memory training, as some of you may know, but I really enjoyed two things from my interviews and several discussions with Steven.  First, Posit Science has gone the extra distance to conduct clinical studies on the use of their software.  This is where the rubber really meets the road in terms of validating marketing claims with real world evidence.

Second, I really appreciated the extension of brain fitness into a lifestyle rather than just a treatment for specific conditions. Research shows that brain fitness is something that should be started sooner rather than later, so was a relief to see the “lifestyle” element incorporated in the way Steven and Posit Science approach the market.

Enjoy the interview!

About Steven Aldrich

Steven Aldrich is president and CEO of Posit Science, joining the company from Intuit where he created significant growth over 13 years in many roles. Most recently he was vice president of Strategy and Innovation of the small business division where he accelerated growth by solving important customer problems through partnerships and acquisitions. He guided the QuickBooks Industry Solutions and QuickBooks Point of Sale teams to several successive years of significant employee engagement increases, customer experience improvements and revenue growth. Steven was president of Quicken Insurance, a business he co-founded and sold to Intuit. He has worked in the investment banking division of Alex. Brown & Sons and for McKinsey & Company.

Steven completed his MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and he holds an AB in Physics from the University of North Carolina. Steven is an avid supporter of the arts, president of the Board of the Bay Area Glass Institute ( and enjoys spending time with his wife Allison and their son, Jackson.

How Steven Describes Posit Science

Founded in 2003 in San Francisco, Posit Science ( helps adults stay vibrant throughout their lives with brain fitness software that engages the brain’s natural plasticity (the brain’s ability to rewire.) Our staff neuroscientists collaborate with a team of more than 50 scientists from leading institutions around the globe to develop and test programs that improve cognitive performance—and enhance quality of life. The company’s products and scientists are currently featured in two PBS documentaries, including “The Brain Fitness Program.”

Posit Science grew out of the pioneering work of renowned neuroscientist Dr. Michael Merzenich. A member of the National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Medicine, and Professor Emeritus at the University of California at San Francisco, Dr. Merzenich has a track record of turning neuroscience into practical tools that benefit consumers. More than 30 published studies show that our 90 patented technologies significantly increase processing speed, improve memory and enhance the quality of everyday life.

All three of Posit Science’s interactive brain fitness software programs are designed to help users think faster, focus better and remember more.  The difference is in how the products train your brain.

The Brain Fitness Program™ is a software program for the auditory system of the brain. Auditory processing is fundamental to brain fitness because much of the important information taken in each day—and that people want to respond to, remember and use later—comes in through what is heard. These skills can help a person remember details of a conversation, find the words on the “tip of their tongue” and keep up with rapid speech.

InSight™ is a software program that sharpens the brain’s visual system, resulting in a person seeing more of what’s around them, reacting to it quicker and remembering it better. These skills are essential to everyday activities, like matching names with faces, keeping track of grandchildren on a busy playground and remembering where the keys are.

DriveSharp™ is a driving-focused product, containing two of the five exercises in Insight.  DriveSharp focuses on the visual areas in the brain that are essential to safe driving and is clinically proven to train the brain to think and react faster on the road.  Improvements in visual processing skills decrease the risk of an accident by 50 percent. DriveSharp is recommended by the AAA Foundation.

To conduct clinical studies, we work with leading researchers at prestigious institutions, including, Cambridge, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, MIT, Stanford, UCSF and USC. We have also established business partnerships with global organizations, including AAA Clubs, AAA Foundation, Alzheimer’s Australia, Allstate, Capital Health, Penn Treaty and QVC.

Contact Information for Posit Science

Posit Science Corporation
225 Bush St., 7FL
San Francisco, CA 94104