Leaders in Elder Care: Phil Parker Tells the Story of Grandpa Does Grandma – The ABCs of Senior Sex [Podcast]

My Leaders in Elder Care interview with Phil Parker, author of the recently published “Grandpa Does Grandma – the ABCs of Senior Sex“, was a lot of fun.  While the title of the book is racey by design, the book gets to the heart of what calls a major problem – the loss of intimacy among seniors.

Phil (Grandpa) and his wife Bonnie (Grandma) are really warm people, and you can tell they have a wonderful relationship.  Having read the book, despite some odd looks at a few restaurants, I think you’ll enjoy the interview.

Phil Tells Us About Grandpa

He’s been hired, fired, acquired, merged, purged, downsized, rightsized but never capsized  and suddenly he’s a sexy senior!

Phil served his country as a Naval Officer, has socialized at the White House and has been called a world-class photographer. He was a Golden Gloves boxer, a collegiate golfer, and has coached soccer, basketball and Little League baseball. In his spare time he was a volunteer fireman.

Grandpa is an energizing speaker and author who, through his own experiences, shares with his audiences how to discover the possibilities before them and the potential within them.

His first book, Kiss Yourself Hello! ~ A Journey From A Life of Business to the Business of Life, encourages individuals to evaluate where they are in their personal and professional lives.

In addition to enjoying life with Grandma, Phil pursues his love of photography through his company “Cheap Shots,” aspires to become an accomplished drummer and loves to travel whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Phil is a former member of the National Speakers Association and the National Speakers Association of Georgia. He served as a business consultant and fundraiser for the Atlanta Para Olympic Organizing Committee.

He shares his life with Grandma in Atlanta, Georgia.

Grandpa Does Grandma Book Cover

Phil Tells Us About Grandma

She is a speaker/author and a multi-dimensional entrepreneur with a background in education, publishing, franchise development, mentorship and community development.

Her articles on owning your own business and entrepreneurship have appeared in publications including: Wealth Building, Home Business Magazine, Business to Business and Entrepreneur’s Start Ups”.

Bonnie is the CEO/Founder of The Joy of Connecting®, a national women’s organization that supports entrepreneurs, professionals and female business owners.

The author of “Walk In My Boots~The Joy of Connecting and Y.O.U.~Set a New Standard For Being Human“, Grandma invites her audiences to journey with her through her presentations and interactive workshops.

In 2002 Bonnie received The Athena Award ~ an honor designed to acknowledge women of leadership in cities throughout the United States.

In September 2005 she was honored by the Women’s Leadership Exchange, a New York based organization, as an Influential Woman of Georgia and currently serves on their advisory board.

She shares her life with Grandpa in Atlanta, GA.

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