Better Communication With Tender Loving Eldercare

Linda Abbit has been the primary caregiver for her parents since 2000. Her father has since passed on, and she continues to provide excellent care to her mother, Aida.

A Common Beginning

Like Jay Drayer at Careflash and Carol Bradley Bursack at Minding Our Elders, Linda Abbit has used her own personal experience as a motivator to help others.

Linda’s blog is called Tender Loving Eldercare.  Tender Loving Eldercare has a noble mission. It’s best to hear it directly from Linda:

This site was created to share my knowledge, resources, experience and insight into family caregiving. As a baby boomer, many friends are starting to face the same issues I have already experienced since my parents are older than most boomers’ parents. I am happy to share what I’ve learned being sole caregiver for my parents since 2000.

I hope it is a place where other family caregivers can go to learn from, encourage and support each other.

Communication Skills Are Key

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