Kudos to the New Jersey Nets and NETsational Seniors

Sometimes you just have to tip your hat to people who have great ideas.  The National Basketball Association’s New Jersey Nets have created the first NBA dance team whose members are all over the age of 60.  The documentary file “Gotta Dance” chronicles the formation of the dance group from auditions through training to performances in front of the Nets faithful.

Paul Span of the New York Times wrote a great piece on the firm.  You can read the article here.

Introducing Our First Guest Writer…Terri Glimcher

The more time you spend speaking to families, caregivers and staff members at different communities, the more you realize how much a single individual can contribute to your loved one’s happiness.

When I cross paths with these unique people, it only makes sense to bring them to Inside Assisted Living and let them share their secrets.

I’d like to introduce our first guest writer.

Drum roll, please…

Welcome, Terri Glimcher!

Terri is the Activity Director for Summerville at Oak Park Assisted Living, an Emeritus Senior Living property in Clermont, Florida.  For those of you not familiar with Emeritus Senior Living, they are the second largest assisted living provider with over 28,000 residents.

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