Neil Moore Eases Long Distance Caregiver Stress with Connect 4 Healthcare

My mother lives in San Diego. I live about an hour north in Orange County. One sister lives an hour north of Los Angeles. My other sister lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

As one might imagine, long distance caregiving is an issue with which my family continuously grapples. It’s the peace of mind and communication that always seems to be the toughest to maintain. Who calls the community? Who calls the family? How do you maintain any consistency in the update you get on her care? The questions can be endless.

That’s why I was so excited when I started following Neil Moore and Connect 4 Healthcare more than 6 months ago. Neil’s brought the company from a great idea and a prototype to a service enormously valuable to families like me.

In this Leaders in Elder Care interview, I had the chance to catch up with Neil was really excited to hear that Connect 4 Healthcare was living up to its potential.  I am glad to be able to call Neil a Leader in Elder Care and hope you enjoy the interview.

About Neil Moore

With over twenty years of successful health care business experience, Neil Moore has spent the last 16 years on the management teams of health information technology companies in roles that include management of application development, marketing, sales, clinical consulting and strategic partnerships. Before starting Connect 4 Healthcare, he was Executive Vice President of Evention Healthcare, Inc., a long-term-care software start-up, where he was responsible for Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Business Development. In 2007, Evention Healthcare was purchased by the largest long-term care pharmacy services provider in the US (Omnicare, Inc).

How Neil Describes Connect 4 Healthcare

Founded in 2008 by Neil Moore, Connect 4 Healthcare, LLC provides an easy-to-use, inexpensive web service (Connect for Healthcare™) that enables long-term care providers to improve resident/client care, the family experience, operational efficiency and differentiate themselves in the market place by dramatically improving and documenting their communication with families using modern technologies. In just a few minutes per week, the Connect service enables care providers to deliver regular, proactive updates to the entire family through the Internet, Email and Text Messaging – no matter where they might be – in 70% less time than it takes them to answer a typical update call from just 1 family member.

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