Just Practicing…

By Kristine Ejercito

I was lucky enough to grow up with my “Lolo” (which means grandfather). He was a smart guy, very practical, with a dry sense of humor. When I went away to college, I came home and visited him on weekends. At some point he fell and injured his hip, such that he was bed ridden. He also lost most of his sight, leaving him with just pin point vision. I came to visit him one weekend and the t.v. was turned on. We caught up a bit and then I turned to look at the t.v. during a lull in our conversation. When I turned back, he was laying very, very still with his eyes closed. Naturally I had a rush of panic, so I shook his shoulder and called his name. He opened his eyes, looked in my direction, and just very casually said, “Oh, just practicing.”

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