Leaders in Elder Care: Karen Love, Master Collaborator for Excellence in Assisted Living (Podcast)

In this Leaders in Elder Care interview, I am proud to introduce Karen Love.  Karen is the founder of the Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living and the managing director for the National Center for Excellence in Assisted Living.  I’ve followed Karen’s work for over 6 months since we first met and I have been so impressed by her vision for a better assisted living.  She is also active in the Pioneer Network and has committed her career to improves the lives of assisted living residents and their families.

What stands out about Karen is her laser focus on the belief that collaboration is one of the most effective tools for solving problems.  She has applied this line of thinking to elder care and her accomplishments all well deserving of the recognition. Whether you are a family member or industry professional, you’ll enjoy this interview.

About Karen Love

Karen Love is a former speech pathologist and long-term care administrator with more than 25 years experience in aging services.  Through her company, Pathways to Care, Karen works as a consultant and educator.  Besides a commitment to identify and promote effective evidence-based practices to enhance practices in aging services, she has a passion for quality dementia care.  She innovated a nationally-recognized program utilizing Montessori-based principles to improve physical function and psychosocial well-being for elders and individuals with disabilities known as therapeutic engagement.

Karen serves as the managing director for the national Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL).  CEAL is a national organization of diverse assisted living stakeholder organizations including the Alzheimer’s Association, AARP, AAHSA, the National Center for Assisted Living, and the Pioneer Network among others that champions the belief that better outcomes can be achieved through true collaboration.

Contact Information

Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living

Center for Excellence in Assisted Living

CEAL Issue Brief – Medicaid: Impact on Long-Term Care

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL) is a non-profit collaborative of 11 national organizations that builds upon the work of the Assisted Living Workgroup (ALW), [U.S. Senate Special Committed on Aging Initiative].

CEAL’s goal is to promote high-quality assisted living and server as a national clearinghouse, bringing together research, practices, and policy that foster quality and affordability in assisted living.

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Introducing Contributing Writer Karen Love

Undoubtedly, healthcare and elder care will be in the public eye for years to come.  The intersection between the ballooning cost of healthcare and an aging Baby Boomer population will force legislation and public policy decisions that will impact generations.

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