Ryan Malone Joins the Advisory Board of the Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living (CCAL)

I am honored to announced that I have been invited and accepted an invitation to join the advisory board for the Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living (CCAL).

As on might imagine, the decision to join the advisory board of any organization is not something taken lightly.  It requires a deep belief in the purpose of the organization and the leadership team that drives it.  I found both with CCAL and want to share with you a bit about the organization, as it is closely aligned with my “by families, for families” approach to elder care.

CCAL’s Mission

The Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living (CCAL) is a national consumer education and advocacy organization focused on the needs, rights and protection of assisted living consumers, their caregivers and loved ones. CCAL educates consumers and professionals, and advocates for assisted living issues. CCAL works collaboratively with a broad spectrum of people and organizations to support quality, affordable assisted living.

Goals and Objectives

  • Ensure that the organization is financially secure, well managed, and successful in achieving its annual goals.
  • Educate consumers, advocates, professionals and the public about choices and needs in the confusing landscape of assisted living.
  • Strengthen the consumer’s voice and involvement in advocacy for assisted living.
  • Provide tools and resources to help consumers make informed choices.
  • Promote quality care and effective practices to enhance the quality of life for assisted living residents.
  • Advocate for assisted living as an option for individuals who have low to moderate incomes.
  • Monitor national assisted living issues to support consumer needs and to ensure that industry practices do not take precedence over consumer needs.
  • Serve as a national resource and facilitator to promote the exchange of information and ideas among the diverse stakeholders of assisted living.

Over the next several months, I will be sharing with you some of the major accomplishments CCAL has achieved and how we are collaborating with assisted living providers, industry experts and policymakers to make assisted living a positive experience for residents and their families.

Leaders in Elder Care: Karen Love, Master Collaborator for Excellence in Assisted Living (Podcast)

In this Leaders in Elder Care interview, I am proud to introduce Karen Love.  Karen is the founder of the Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living and the managing director for the National Center for Excellence in Assisted Living.  I’ve followed Karen’s work for over 6 months since we first met and I have been so impressed by her vision for a better assisted living.  She is also active in the Pioneer Network and has committed her career to improves the lives of assisted living residents and their families.

What stands out about Karen is her laser focus on the belief that collaboration is one of the most effective tools for solving problems.  She has applied this line of thinking to elder care and her accomplishments all well deserving of the recognition. Whether you are a family member or industry professional, you’ll enjoy this interview.

About Karen Love

Karen Love is a former speech pathologist and long-term care administrator with more than 25 years experience in aging services.  Through her company, Pathways to Care, Karen works as a consultant and educator.  Besides a commitment to identify and promote effective evidence-based practices to enhance practices in aging services, she has a passion for quality dementia care.  She innovated a nationally-recognized program utilizing Montessori-based principles to improve physical function and psychosocial well-being for elders and individuals with disabilities known as therapeutic engagement.

Karen serves as the managing director for the national Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL).  CEAL is a national organization of diverse assisted living stakeholder organizations including the Alzheimer’s Association, AARP, AAHSA, the National Center for Assisted Living, and the Pioneer Network among others that champions the belief that better outcomes can be achieved through true collaboration.

Contact Information

Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living

Center for Excellence in Assisted Living

Are Nurses Required in Assisted Living?

NurseA frequent concern for someone considering assisted living is whether there is adequate nursing or medical monitoring and assistance. In order to promote a healthy independence for its residents, assisted living communities often provide residents with numerous coordinated services including health services. Many residents choose assisted living because they can no longer manage tasks like properly taking their blood pressure readings, diabetic testing or medications. Consumers in need of medical assistance like medication management need to be aware of the fact that health services offered in assisted living environments vary by state.

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