AARP Presidential Interviews

The race for the presidency is in full swing, and it seems you can’t live ten minutes without seeing or hearing a political commercial. As with many recent elections, seniors expect to play an influential role in choosing the next President of the United States. And with Boomers continuing to age, the impact of the presidential election will undoubtedly be felt in assisted living and other public policy decisions for many years.

While sharing my candidate preference adds no value to the goals of this blog, it does make sense to share two interesting interviews found in the current AARP Bulletin.

In these interviews, AARP had the chance to speak with Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama about health care, Social Security, retirement plans, and taxes.

Read the interviews.

AARP Releases 2008 Voter Guide, Prefers Obama

Several readers have requested relevant posts on public policy that may impact families or their loved ones.  There’s so much coverage on new federal and state legislature affecting elder care and assisted living, but I’ll try and do my best to share some relevant and important stories.

AARP, arguably the most influential group in the country addressing senior issues, released their 2008 Voter Guide.  The guide compares the positions and action plans for Senators Obama and McCain.

AARP prefers Obama’s position on all but one issue.

While the positions of state candidates are not yet posted, the positions of the presidential candidates are worth the read, and I recommend you read the report.

Thanks to the good folks over at Senior Living Info for the link.