Reducing Your Risk of Nursing Home Admission

I ran across an interesting article on reducing your risk of nursing home admission at the University of Kentucky’s HEEL website.  Here’s the summary:

In the current HEALTHBeat newsletter, Harvard reports that 20-year nationwide survey of people ages 45 to 74 identified five health problems that substantially boost the risk of admission to a nursing home: smoking, inactivity, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Over time, these problems contribute to many chronic illnesses that can cause disability and death, including heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and certain cancers.

  • Patty cisco

    The question becomes, if people are aware of this, why don't they change their behaviors?

  • John Lund

    This is why I’m scared of putting my mom into a home. I would rather have someone be at there house and take care of her. That way I can see whats going on and ask her if she likes it.