The Personal Side of Aging: Don’t Be a Turkey

As we approach Thanksgiving, I am sure that many of you have things to be thankful for.

But I want to take a different approach.  I would like you to actually thank someone. Thank a senior for living the rich lives they’ve lives and for being themselves.

Today’s seniors have lived through more than any generation in history.  Through our biggest triumphs, our biggest atrocities and everything in between, they’ve seen it all – cars, planes, world wars, world peace, civil rights, computers, cell phones and the Internet.

But for some strange reason, because they are old, we forget about the richness of their lives.  We forgot that they were once the war hero, the sports legend, the family man, the politician and the teacher.  We forget that they are the moms, dads, aunts and uncles who made us who we are today.

Where am I going with this?

We’ve created a new feature on the site called Portrait of Our Parents.  This section was created to celebrate the unique and vibrant memories that define our seniors’ lives and the way we remember them.

How it Works?

Portrait of Our Parents is your storyteller to the masses.

It’s your easel to share the memories of your parents and grandparents you don’t want forgotten.  It can be about your aunts, your uncles or any elder friend you admire.

Whether it is a life story, an individual memory or a fireside chat you remember as a child, Portrait of Our Parents can help you share it, celebrate and be proud of it.

So as you think about the holidays, I encourage you to spend a few minutes and write down a story of a loved one that makes you smile.  Share some thoughts of a senior who inspires you because of who they are.  Send us the story–and a photo ideally (it makes it human!)–and we’ll share it with the world.

What are you waiting for?  Share a story today.

  • firstSTREET

    You bring up some great points about all the trying times our seniors have experienced, and what they sacrificed for what we have today. I think your Portrait of Our Parents is a great idea, and I wish you much luck with it. Thanksgiving is a great time to run such a program. Thanks for sharing!

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