Regency Park Speaking Engagement

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Regency Park Oak Knoll community in Pasadena last Friday.  There was a good-sized crowd representing a mix of family, industry people and potential residents.  The speech was entitled “Assisted Living Saved My Mom” and last about 45 minutes, covering some of the tips and tricks I cover in the book.

Two conversations I had with attendees stuck out.  I had a wonderful chat with Alfonso who is the activities director for the community.  Terri Glimcher,  our resident activities expert, would have been proud.  Alfonso’s done a great job of mixing cognitive and physical activities into an event calendar that really had the residents participating.  How do I know?  Well, the basically threw me out of the common room so they could start their 6pm activity!

The other conversation that struck me was with a 95-year old resident.  She shared with me how she was the primary caregiver for her husband for over 6 years.  She said to me (and I summarize) “I could go soon or even tomorrow, but I will never regret taking care of my husband.  There are many people who helped me and I cannot forget them.”

It was clear to me that my discussion on building a personal network is a “must-include” for the next speech.

Thanks for Nestor and Gladys for a great event!  You’ve got a wonderful team.

  • Gladys Broxton

    Ryan, I would like to thank you for that great presentation, sharing your personal experiecne going through this journey was very informative. Even though I have been working at Regency Park Oak Knoll for the past 19 years I truly learned that you never know if you are truly prepared to take this journey with your own parent.

  • http://safehavenseniorfamilyhome Katie

    Such an interesting read. Especially from a 95 year old. Amazing what our minds and bodies can do with what we love from elders. And it does not really need to come from our parents. Yet they are where we learn from the calling of understanding of love, dignity and respect. Their calling reaches out to the elders we learn to love and respect as well. And want to be a part of.

    I love this of “I could go soon or even tomorrow, but I will never regret taking care of my husband” so powerful and loving. Especially at her age. She could teach us so much.

    Bottom line is that all elders deserve more than they get. My goal, like Ryan’s is that they get this. Hugs to all. Katie

  • Travis Chow

    Hey Ryan,

    I missed this event, because of a family emergency ironically. By any chance is there any other events in the area planned in the near future?