Radio Archive of Our Appearance on “Aging with Grace”

Many thanks to all of you who listened to our appearance on “Aging with Grace” earlier this week.  During this 30 minute interview, we had a great discussion with Patricia Grace, co-founder of Aging with Grace, on a variety of topics.  She’s a lot of fun and knows a lot about the industry.

The archive of the show is now available for those of you who missed it.

We had a great time! Hope you enjoy it.

  • Lou

    I follow your blog so I listened to the broadcast live. I had grave misgivings for a minute at the start of the show when Pat lost communication with you. (It was reminiscent of the old problems with live TV). Fortunately. the connection was restored, you kept your cool, and the balance of the show went off smoothly. As I mentioned after your last radio appearance, you have a very good “presence” on the air. You would do well to accept invites to any and all future shows. Well done.