MSNBC Covers “By Families, For Families” Book Release

Earlier this week, we formally announced the “By Families, For Families Guide to Assisted Living.”  We were thrilled when we woke up the next day to find that MSNBC had covered the story on the business section of the website.

Thank you to everyone for your readership and contribution.

You can read the MSNBC announcement here:

  • Carol Bradley Bursack

    Congratulations! You are doing important work here on your site, and the book is an extenion of that, Ryan. Publicity well deserved.
    Carol Bradley Bursack
    Minding Our Elders

  • Olga Brunner

    Congratulations! In fact I am recommending the book to a client’s daughter from Santa Barbara who came out here this week to visit with mom. Mom fell and fractured her hip last night and she is wondering if she should take mom home to California. This book came out just in time. I will email her a link to the article.

  • Chuck Bongiovanni

    Congrats Ryan, would love to add your book to our website

  • Katie

    This is wonderful Ryan. BTW, I just finished reading all your book, work book, etc. TWICE. It is so well written and I am so proud of you. You did an awesome job. So much needed information is in there, which to me was vital and important. This wonderful book and extensions of it are not only great for people that are interested in Assisted Living, but is also a great tool for people like myself that are getting ready to open an assisted living facility. Also, this book is an exceptional read for people who care for their seniors at home, who hire caregivers, or need to find links on the Internet concerning their elders, which could take a great deal of time, yet here you have done all that for them. Excellent job Ryan. What a wonderful service you have provided, and so important. Katie