Giving Back to Caregivers

As a blogger, most people will tell you, “stay on message.  Don’t deviate, or you’ll lose readers.”  They are right.  On rare occassion it is justified, however.  That occasion is today.

I received an email today from Gladys Broxton, the executive director at Regency Park Oak Knoll in Pasadena.  Gladys was one of the first people who brought me in to give my “Assisted Living Saved My Mom” talk.  She is also an enromously compassionate woman who runs a wonderul assisted living.  Great staff.  Long tenure.  All the things you look for when you evaluate assisted living communities.

At Inside Elder Care, we’ve always spoken about the very difficult job that caregivers undertake.  Many times it is thankless.  All of the time, it is very tough work.  In this light and with Glady’s permission, I am reposting the email she sent me below.  Help if you can.  And if you can’t — think some good thoughts.

Dear Friends, Family, Staff and Colleagues:

I come to you with a heavy heart requesting for your financial support to help one of my staff members who is in great need of financial assistance for burial.

Rosario Rodriquez has been working for me 6 years as an exceptional caregiver.   She is a young, kind, and caring individual who works extremely hard to provide the best care for my residents.  She and her husband, Eduardo has been married for only 2 years.  Her husband is gravely ill with liver cancer.  His battle with this rare cancer is almost over.  Rosario and her husband have no life insurance and no medical insurance.  Her husband was being treated at USC because he was part of a research project.  However, he is losing his battle, and doctors are telling them that they can’t do anymore to help him.  This burden is insurmountable and I am amazed by Rosario’s strength and love for her husband.

At this point her husband has no more strength left.  The cancer has caused his skin to leak fluids, the doctors have now put him on hospice, and Rosario is faced with the obvious and inevitable circumstance of him passing.

I come to you all asking for you’re help by donating any amount that comes from your heart.  I hope to collect enough to at least ease the financial burden for Rosario in some way. She is not aware that I’m asking for donation’s she has so much pride I admire her so much for her strength, love and faith for the past two years.

Please keep her and her husband in your prayers.  If you can help, please contact me as soon as possible

Sincerely yours,


  • Lisa

    My prayers and love go out to you.

  • Erin

    Very tragic, but very nice of you to pass this along. No matter how long you've been a caregiver, nothing can ever truly prepare you to provide care for a loved one who is gravely ill. Our thoughts are with Rosario and her husband during this very difficult time.

  • wbrianbyrdmd

    Great story. And I like this blog. I am a family physician and work closely with a good hospice agency. I also blog about hospice, but I focus more on spirituality and hospice.
    I like the caregiver focus of this nice blog. I have a lot of clinic patients who are caretaking. Bless you.

  • Ryan Malone

    Brian – thanks for the great note. Hospice is a challenging and in many times rewarding service, so I commend you for your work. Caregivers have an incredibly challenging job, so I love it when they get the credit they deserve for their work.