Scaling Elder Care to the Next Billion People

We’ve all been bombarded with the statistics about the growing number of Baby Boomers who will required elder care of some sort.  It’s a massive number, which makes it appealing to many of the elder care providers – assisted living, home care, skilled nursing…you name it.

But have you ever sat back and thought about the implications of the entire world aging?!  The United States is a large country, but we are tiny compared to the populations in India and China.

It’s well documented that healthcare costs continue to rise.  But the average number of caregivers per elder is also declining, forcing system change in how we approach elder care.  The problem has also gotten the attention of large technology companies such as Intel.  This video shares a lecture from the University of Washington Engineering Department and features a researcher from Intel.  While the lecture is long — 50+ minutes, it’s facinating the technical and cost hurdles that will need to be cleared to truly provide care for the next billion.

For those brave enough to watch the whole thing, I’d love to hear your comments!

  • John Moran

    One thought came through, the enormity of the long term “market” will drive technological solutions. The acceptance and absorption of the solutions ultimately rests on making the technology “delightful” using familiar images like kittens and puppies.

  • Ryan Malone

    John – Agree with you! Usable will be key. The size of the long-term care market is already attracted the big boys in terms of investments. The winner will be the ones who make things simple and affordable.

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