Suzanne Andrews Shares the Preventative Powers of Functional Fitness for Seniors (Podcast)

Suzanne Andrews is an occupational therapy practitioner and host of PBS TV’s Functional Fitness.  Suzanne specializes in increasing peoples functional ability through medically engineered fitness techniques for the over 40 population.

Functional Fitness doctor-recommended DVD’s are the only medically engineered programs that offer you the opportunity to increase your functional ability and focus on real-life fitness for real-life challenges.

Whether you need to decrease stiffness and pain caused from arthritis, lose weight, improve your balance, increase your flexibility, get thicker, stronger bones because of osteoporosis, or improve the health of your neck and back, Suzanne Andrews vast therapeutic exercise knowledge will increase your health with special consideration on safety and injury prevention.

In addition to overall strength and well-being, Functional Fitness is customized to address many common elder care medical issues, including:

  • Arthritis relief
  • Pain-free neck & back
  • Bone building
  • Brain power
  • Diabetes
  • Fat-burning
  • COPD/asthma
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  • Janett Brown

    This is going to help the elderly to remain energetic enough to have some fun after a whole life of hard work and raising their families. Some of them need this energy to travel; others to run a business or even to date. But, I have a  piece of advice for the youths. Planning for retirement does not only mean financial planning. It has also to do with health. Take care of your bodies because you are going to need them when you age. ;)

  • Ryan Malone

    You are very very right!