The 12 Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

The benefits of Tai Chi for seniors are incredible. If you are looking for a low-impact, relaxing form of exercise that only requires about 20 minutes a day and rewards your efforts, Tai Chi is for you.  Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art in the sense that it focuses on mental and spiritual aspects integrated into movement.  This meditative form of exercise consists of a series of 19 movements and one pose. You may have seen groups of people demonstrating its slow-moving circular forms in public parks.

Many seniors and senior care facilities have been enjoying this style of workout and conditioning for more than 20 years.  Here are 12 benefits of Tai Chi for seniors:

  1. Relieves physical affects of stress
  2. Promotes deep breathing
  3. Reduces bone loss in menopausal women
  4. Improves lower body and leg strength
  5. Helps with arthritis pain
  6. Reduces blood pressure
  7. Requires mind and body integration through mental imagery
  8. Accumulates energy by releasing endorphins rather than depleting it
  9. Enhances mental capacity and concentration
  10. Improves balance and stability by strengthening ankles and knees
  11. Promotes faster recovery from strokes and heart attacks
  12. Improves conditions of Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s

Many senior care facilities and community centers are offering Tai Chi classes (some free of charge) not only because of the extensive health benefits but also because it does not require any equipment or furniture.  Many seniors find it an easy activity and a peaceful environment in which to meet other seniors with common interests.

To learn first hand the benefits of Tai Chi for seniors and find a Tai Chi class in your area, simply input Tai Chi and your city into any search engine.  If you add the word “free” to your search you are likely to find a community center or other informal group that meets in a nearby park.  Your local library may have demonstration DVDs you can use if you cannot find an instructor or class that is convenient for you.

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  • Caring for Aging Parents

    Tai Chi For is an excellent activity for older adults…. improves balance, strength and endurance. I refer many of my clients to an activity program that integrates some tai chi into their balance/mobility program and it's not only fun but a great way to work on fall prevention.

  • obbop

    Using Tai Chi I fended off three HUGE muggers, rendering them incapable of ever assaulting anybody again.

    Feeling antsy I ambled through the woods until spotting a full-grown grizzly bear who I promptly leapt aboar and  broke to the saddle, utilizing Tai Chi, and converted to a placid, peaceful critter.

    Next is the seeking of a full-grown 22-foot 2-ton great white shark who will, after my utilization of Tai Chi, will become as gentle, perhaps more so, than a 2-inch 2-ounce gold fish.

  • Guest

    Too bad the Tai Chi didn’t help your BRAIN cells…. 

  • Joel57

    I couldn’t agree more… As a physical therapist I have used aspects of Tai Chi with my patients, in the  home care setting.  In all cases it was beneficial for the restoration of the client’s balance and function.
    I will soon be going back to work in a long term care setting.  I will do my best to convince management to incorporate Tai Chi instruction into their inpatient rehab program, for both their skilled nursing and assisted living patients.  Rick

  • Albertoeubie

    At 68 its the best thing ever for balance, posture and just plain fun that I have found. The courses at UAMS are wonderful!

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  • Mary

    I teach Tai Chi at the local (Logan, Utah) senior center for free. I have seen the benefits it gives to seniors.

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