Senior Living Spring Activities

When the winter weather finally breaks and those first signs of spring begin to show, everybody wants to be outside.  Many senior citizens are confined to staying indoors during the harsh winter months due to the potential dangers posed by the extreme weather conditions, and once the sun starts shining, some fresh air is exactly what they need. Below are a list of some fun activities seniors can take part in this spring!

  • Take a walk. Stroll around the block and take in the scenery. Studies have shown that even ten minutes of walking a day can help senior citizens maintain their strength and agility. Walking, along with various other types of physical activity, gets the blood pumping through the body and helps oxygen flow to the brain. Take a stroll this spring, and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers along the way!
  • Go to a sporting event. Whether it’s catching a Major League Baseball game or a grandchild’s soccer match, a sporting event can energize anyone. Attending a game also means time to socialize, which is great for senior citizens who have been stuck inside most of the winter.
  • Have a picnic. Enjoying a meal outdoors is a nice change of scene when the weather’s appropriate. Make a plan with the family and have lunch outdoors. Enjoy watching the grandkids play and catching up with your children. If hosting a picnic seems like too much, plan a day out with your closest friends to a restaurant with outdoor seating. You’ll still be enjoying the outdoors but without all the work!
  • Start a garden. The responsibility of maintaining the plants will keep you outside all season long! Plant some colorful flowers and watch them bloom, or try your hand at growing some vegetables. Once they’ve matured, you can use them in your cooking and share them with friends and loved ones.
  • Do some exercise. Many people think that senior citizens should avoid physical activity to help prevent injury. There are a lot of misconceptions revolving around this issue, but the fact of the matter is that senior citizens need exercise just as much as anyone else! When the weather’s nice enough, go for a swim or participate in an outdoor fitness class, like yoga for seniors. It’s especially important to stay physically active in your later years so that your body will remain functioning. As the old adage goes, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!
  • Play a game. Bring a board game or a deck of cards outside and challenge a friend or family member. Engaging your brain will help keep you sharp. If board games aren’t in your wheelhouse, try participating in some friendly shuffleboard or tennis. Playing a sport can even double as your physical activity for the day.
  • Take a field trip. Whether you head out to a local tourist spot or to your favorite diner for a bite to eat, the spring weather is perfect to travel in. Visit a local park to take in the scenery and get your legs moving. Visit a museum to experience the arts,  or attend an outdoor concert with your family. The caregivers at senior homes across the country recommend checking with your local visiting center or the activities board at your senior care facility to see what’s currently happening in your town.

Being outside is a natural stress reliever and always brings an increased sense of vitality and energy for seniors. With the season’s shifting, longer periods of daylight, and warmer weather ahead, seniors and their families can enjoy the great outdoors these fun spring activities!

About The Author

Ruthie Folger Weiss loves writing for Signature Senior Living, an elder care community in Brooklyn, NYC.

  • Deanna R. Jones

    These seem like excellent activities to do while in assisted living. My dad is someone who needs to be kept busy at all times, so he could do some of these activities once he moves into an assisted living facility. I think he’ll be glad to know the he can still go to a sporting event. He loves watching sports, so that seems like a fun thing for him to do to get out and have a good time.

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