Assisted Living Family Preparedness Report – 1st Edition

According to a recent survey by the Coalition to Protect Choice in Senior Living, eighty-four percent of Americans over the age of 50 expect an immediate family member to move into a senior living community within the next 10 years. Twenty-four percent expect the same for themselves.

Baby Boomers are rapidly moving towards retirement and many are facing the challenge of elder care options such as assisted living. The impact on medical care and financing will be significant. While assisted living clearly impacts the resident, the decision to transition to assisted living also impacts the entire family.

While there are numerous studies addressing various aspects of assisting living from the perspective of a provider, we could find no such studies that address family attitudes and preparedness. Our goal was to provide this report from a “by families, for families” approach.

This study, therefore, was commissioned to better understand the degree to which families are prepared for a loved one’s transition to assisted living. We examined the following topics:

  • General family attitudes toward assisted living
  • Factors influencing the choice of an assisted living facility
  • Defining attributes of quality of care and safety
  • Level of understanding of costs and contractual issues
  • The role of family in the transition to assisted living

A total of 195 people took part in this study.

Having opened several Assisted Living and SNFs in my career in past years, and served as ombudsman in a few, I can attest to the fact that what this report covered is necessary. I applaud you for taking it on. Bravo!
Maria K Todd, MHA PhD

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