Home Health Aides: Present and Future (Jane Gross)

In today’s issue of the New York Times’ New Old Age blog, Jane Gross adds the third part of her series on home health aides.  The topic is so closely related to caregivers and the value they provide outside of providing care, that I wanted to share it with everyone.

Here’s an excerpt from this great article:

This is our third, and last, installment of questions and answers from Marki Flannery, president of Partners In Care, an affiliate of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, the industry leader in licensed home care services. Previously, in part one, I discussed with her Home Health Aides: Why Hire From an Agency? In part two, we covered Home Health Aides: What They Make, What They Cost.

Today, Ms. Flannery offers advise about hiring and managing people essential to our parents’ well-being, and of what the future holds once the baby boomers need home care for themselves.

Click to read the complete article on the New Old Age blog.

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  • Bugandandy

    Jane Gross I live in lewiston idaho I have been in home for now with the same agency for three years on my first year anniversary I got a 15 cent a hour raise on my second year they told me they dont give any raises anymore I have a five star rating from all my clients I make 8.35 a hour they offer no health insurance…NOTHING my agencyr makes double even tripple my pay You stated care providers get benifits hummm lies unless my agency

  • Bugandandy

    I wasnt done talking I work for addus health a full life agency very nice people but No benifs something seems bad wrong