Get Your AAHSA On

For some people, aging can be pretty depressing. Many companies are concerned that showing the least bit of humor will be offensive to the families they are trying to woo into residency.  As a result, nearly every senior care community uses the EXACT same photography, brochures and messages.

In the senior care space, it’s rare that organizations will take the risk to put forth a clever approach to marketing their events.

Enter AAHSA, the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging. AAHSA is a non-profit and advocacy group within senior care.

Below is a really fun video that shows you can care about providing great care and have fun at the same time.  Kudos to you AAHSA.

About the Author: Ryan Malone is the founder of InsideElder Care and author of the ByFamilies, For Families Guide to Assisted Living. He regularly speaks and advises families about how to improve their aging loved one’s quality of life. Ryan is also the president of SmartBug Media, a content marketing agency that helps companies increase leads, customers and influence. You can read more from Ryan on the SmartBug Media blog or follow him on Twitter.

Using Social Networking to Research Assisted Living Staff

Social Networking

Social networking used to be a term used only by college kids.  But the explosion in popularity of sites like MySpace, Facebook, Flickr and Linkedin have made these tools common destinations for many adults.

The concept is simple – social networking lets you post a profile of yourself, pictures and lists of interests and hobbies.  Friends and business acquaintances “connect” to you, creating social network.

While most people use these sites for fun or networking, you can learn quite a bit about people from their social networking profile.

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More Elderly Parents Living With Adult Children

There was a very interesting article on MSNBC this weekend. While there is much discussion about the pros and cons of assisted living versus home care, one rarely hears about children who have taken their parents’ care into their homes.  This article adds color to that discussion.

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AARP Releases 2008 Voter Guide, Prefers Obama

Several readers have requested relevant posts on public policy that may impact families or their loved ones.  There’s so much coverage on new federal and state legislature affecting elder care and assisted living, but I’ll try and do my best to share some relevant and important stories.

AARP, arguably the most influential group in the country addressing senior issues, released their 2008 Voter Guide.  The guide compares the positions and action plans for Senators Obama and McCain.

AARP prefers Obama’s position on all but one issue.

While the positions of state candidates are not yet posted, the positions of the presidential candidates are worth the read, and I recommend you read the report.

Thanks to the good folks over at Senior Living Info for the link.