Saving Money on Senior Care: How to Make Aging Affordable

Late in 2008, I surveyed nearly 200 families to better understand their concerns with aging. An overwhelming 75% indicated that “paying for senior care” was their primary concern.  Since the publication of my first book — the By Families, For Families Guide to Assisted Living — I’ve spoken to thousands of families, seniors and senior care providers.  These individuals reaffirmed these fears and expressed concern that there just wasn’t a easy-to-understand resource discussing how to pay for senior care.
saving money on senior care
So I decided to write it.

Saving Money on Senior Care: How to Make Aging Affordable answers these concerns and takes the first step to ease these fears.  This guide discusses many issues impacting families’ ability to pay for senior care and takes a no-nonsense approach to educate you on the six most impactful options: reverse mortgages, VA benefits, life settlements, Medicare planning, long-term care insurance and the unique senior line of credit.

It’s far more than the superficial discussion on most senior care websites.  For each financing option, you’ll learn:

  • How the option works – in plain, simple English
  • What families are the best fit
  • What families are the worst fit
  • Real-world examples
  • What to look for (and avoid) in a provider
  • What questions to ask to ensure you get the best deal
  • Access to an exclusive list of providers in your state

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