Where Golden Oldies Get Golden Gifts

The transition to assisted living can be a difficult period for our loved ones. Many residents have lived in their community for a long period of time, and they’ve already developed their cliques and daily habits.  In fact, being the new resident at a community can be compared to that of starting your first day of high school. The surrounding are not familiar and the faces are definitely new.

But there are things that make that first day easier.  I wanted to share a wonderful website I ran across today. It’s called N&G Golden Gifts, and they specialize in gifts for seniors that are in transition to assisted living and elder care. Nothing makes somebody smile more than to have a small welcome gift waiting for them on their first day.  I was impressed with the site’s selection of both welcome and bereavement gifts – tote bags, beautiful picture frames, figurines and fragrances. All the gifts I saw were reasonably priced from $10-20.

What was even more impressive was their collection of employee appreciation gifts. As we work through this whole process of transitioning a loved one to assisted living, it is often the staff that is forgotten. That’s unfortunate because assisted living staff are usually some of the more patient and caring individuals you’ll meet.

I hope you’ll all swing by and take a look. Congratulations to the folks at N&G Golden Gifts for such a great idea!

  • http://www.mindingourelders.com Carol Bradley Bursack

    Terrific discovery, Ryan. I hope others will follow. I’m enjoying this blog very much.

    I’ll be sending my newsletter subscribers your way, as well.

  • Gisella Perezarce

    The founder of N&G Golden Gifts is a wonderful person with a great love for seniors and his family. I would encourage anyone who would like
    to help a senior in assisted living to use the services of N&G Golden Gifts.