Top Elder Cares

For John Brady, elder care was always something that happened to someone else.  Now, with his parents in their 90′s and his wife’s father afflicted with Alzheimer’s, he is starting to appreciate what his friends and co-workers have been going through.

Realizing there weren’t many options out there for his fellow Boomers, John started Top Elder Cares as a vehicle to help Baby Boomers deal with the sometimes overwhelming challenges of caring for their aging parents and relatives.

One of the key resources on the site is a database of facilities by state and city so that it’s easier to find assisted living, CCRCs, home health care resources, and nursing homes in a given locality. The Directory is particularly useful when a person responsible for an elder is located in a different city or state than the elder.

Eldercare Advice is a section of the Web site that provides helpful links and practical articles written by various experts on common themes connected to eldercare.  When I went to the site, some of these themes included: how to talk with an elder about important decisions, how to prepare for and deal with eldercare responsibilities, respite care, etc.

The site’s Forum provides an avenue for caregivers to ask questions and share their experiences with others. Recent posts had to do with dealing with pressure sores, whether Medicare will pay for respite care (usually not), and the practice of “slow” medicine.

John’s doing some good things over there, so give Top Elder Cares a spin, and have a great weekend!

  • John Brady

    Thanks so much for the kind words Ryan. I admire what you are doing with – how you do such a great job with this site, plus a real job and new family is beyond me. And if that wasn’t enough, congratulations on the release of your new book! I am eager to read it.

  • Simon

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