Survey: 84% of Americans Over 50 Expect a Family Member to Move into Assisted Living

I ran across a a survey statistic from April 2008 that floored me.  It’s a must read:

Eighty-four percent of Americans over the age of 50 expect an immediate family member to move into a senior living community within the next 10 years, while 24 percent over the age of 65 expect the same for themselves, according to a new national survey of American attitudes on assisted living released today by the Coalition to Protect Choice in Senior Living (CPCSL). The poll found just more than half (51 percent) expect their parents to live in a senior living community within 10 years, with 15 percent expecting the same for their spouse and 10 percent for a sibling.

While I was shocked these numbers were so high, I completely agree.  In an informal study of about 40 people, I sensed an almost inevitability about needing assisted living. I also found that financial issues and quality of care topped the list of concerns for both Baby Boomers and their children.  Not surprisingly, the younger the respondent to my inquiry, the less they were concerned about total cost.

One individual’s biggest concern about requiring assisted living in the future was the availability of internet access. Hmmm.

I am curious to learn the other things about which families are concerned.

Time for My Own Survey

The thought of assisted living seems to be a taboo topic.  Nobody brings it up, but everyone wants to know what everyone else is thinking.  I’ve had no fewer than 20 people in the last few months ask me what everyone else I’ve spoken to worries about.

I’ve decided I am going to go find out.

But I am going to need your help.  Once I complete the survey, I’ll ask you to forward it to friends, family, co-workers, etc.  Each and every person who completes the survey in its entirety will receive a complimentary copy of the final analysis in a PDF report.

Stay tuned…I’m putting it together as we speak!

To make sure you’re notified when the report is ready, register on the right hand side of the page.  I’ll announce the survey on the blog.

  • Dianne

    As a financial advisor, I often find my clients family members are ill prepared for the jump from independent parents to parents who need to move into assisted living facilities. Your blog is very helpful and insightful. I plan to send your blog to my clients and their children who are on the brink of dealing with these issues. I am sure they will find it an invaluable tool to help navigate this sometimes scary process.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  • Adam Gosling

    Thanks for sharing the CPCSL survey link, the numbers are quite surprising indeed. I’ve been researching assisted living centers for my Father for a while and quality care is one my top concerns.

  • Michael Stelzner

    Ryan – Keep up the good work. I can tell you are on the right path. – Mike

  • Ryan

    Dianne – Thanks much for the kind words, and appreciate you forwarding it along.

    Adam – be sure to take the survey as there are many who have the same concerns as you. You’ll also likely find some things you haven’t thought about.

    Mike – Appreciated!