Assisted Living Family Attitude and Preparedness Survey

Last week, I shared the following statistic from a recent CPCSL survey:

Eighty-four percent of Americans over the age of 50 expect an immediate family member to move into a senior living community within the next 10 years.

In fact, more than one million Americans already reside in assisted living.  With the rate America’s population is aging, it’s easy to understand why millions of families are or will be evaluating a transition to assisted living in the next five years.

The Survey’s Ready and Live!

Expected September 2008

Expected September 2008

I told you in my last last post about a recent promise I made to many people.  For years they’ve been asking

me to share other families opinions, concerns and fears of assisted living.  While I could speak for hours about what I learned or had heard, there were many answers that could only be learned with questions.

So I created a survey to test the attitudes and preparedness of families considering assisted living for their loved one.

To my knowledge, its the only survey built “by families, for families.”

I’m asking for your help not only in taking it yourself, but also in forwarding the survey to your family, parents, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Just cut and paste this post into an email and you’re all set!

My commitment?  Anybody who takes the survey will get the final results delivered directly to their inbox.

15 mins. Full knowledge. Good trade!

I know what you’re thinking…and, no it won’t just be a print-out of the answers.  In fact, I’m putting together a professional report with analysis for each answer and general trends.

I appreciate your help.  We’ll all learn a thing or two.

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