An Illustrated History of Alzheimer’s Research

The infographic below further explains the decades of breakthroughs toward Alzheimer’s research, as well as the endless community building  and programs created by its awareness over that time. Take a look and see how far we have come and how much further we will be able to progress toward a cure to Alzheimer’s.


Senior Home Care

  • Ali

    Hopefully a more mainstream cure for Alzheimer’s comes out soon! This article states that the amount of people with dementia will rise significantly:

  • residential aged care

    At old age ,person has to face many health problems. Due to these dangerous disease it become impossible for a person to live alone. They need care and support all time,even for their daily routine work.

  • Seth Ashford

    I think it is so good that more and more senior care centers are reaching out to the elderly that have Alzheimer’s. It is important that all people, no matter their condition, can live in a state of relative comfort. I think with the direction that health care centers are going in, they will be able to take care of anyone no matter their health condition. I wonder if it is possible for me to see which facilities can take care of Alzheimer’s patients now, and which cannot?