Guest Writer Raad Ghantous – Universal Design Meets Spa Luxury

We are in the midst of a massive generational shift.  Much has been written about the demographics of Baby Boomers and how it represents the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world.

But not much has been written about the non-economic impact of Baby Boomers and how our system of elder care must adapt to care for them.

Regardless of whether you prefer home care, aging in place, independent living or assisted living, Baby Boomers require a new way of thinking.

They are living different lifestyles and have different preferences.  They are technology-savvy and more connected online.

What has to change in terms home and elder care community design to accommodate these preferences?

Enter Raad Ghantous.

I’d like to welcome to Inside Elder Care family  guest writer Raad Ghantous.  Raad is a veteran interior designer with a focus on universal design. Raad has worked on some of those most prestigious designs in the world, including the Hilton Osaka (Osaka, Japan), the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort (Sacaton, Artizon)  and the Grand Hyatt Dubai.  He also has deep experience designing multi-use spa and healing centers, a growing option of natural healthcare worldwide.

His combination approach of luxury, practicality and functionality along with an in depth understand of universal design make him uniquely qualified and make me thrilled to have him on board.

Raad will be sharing a series of articles discussing the importance of universal design and the issues to consider as Baby Boomers transition to the next generation of seniors.

Look out for Raad’s first article.

  • Jeanne O’Grady

    Just read the new article too. Great. Very timely for me with ongoing consideration for my parents and then me!

  • Dave Warias

    Raad, Your parents must be wonderful people to have such a wonderful son! When it is the norm today for a businessman to appeal to the surface, passing fancy,immediate gratification side of the masses you have taken on a cause that not only, improves the quality of life for those we love, but you have also given them a gift of a knowledge and lifestyle that they can impart to us when our time comes to make those decisions. “Knowledge is power” You have a big heart my friend, it is appreciated. Dave

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