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Inside Elder Care is home to the “by families, for families” approach to elder care.  This approach seeks to dispel the myths and negative stereotypes of elder care and provide families with the knowledge, coaching and inspiration to make the elder care experience a positive foundation for a new lifetime of memories.

Target Audience

  • Children who care for their parents or grandparents
  • Long-distance family who plan to take part in elder care
  • Professional care managers
  • Elder care community staff
  • Anyone who believes that together we can change the stereotypes regarding elder care

Discussion Topics

  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Health and medical
  • Elder care finance and insurance issues including Medicare
  • Medicaid planning and VA benefits
  • Life settlement, long-term care insurance and reverse mortgages
  • Life enrichment
  • Assisted living, home care (aging in place) and skilled nursing
  • Reviews of communities, products and books
  • Caregiver tips, tricks and stress management
  • A lot more!

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  • Semi-exclusivity – You will only be listed with a handful or other advertisers.  Small states have no more than 5 and large states (CA, PA, TX, FL and NY) have no more than 10 providers in each category.   This is plenty to provide adequate competition and keep consumers sane.
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  • No middle-man.  We don’t need to collect consumer information for providers to do business.  We link directly to your site, phone numbers and emails.  Your business is between you and the consumer.
  • Consumer advocacy – While many directories are run by industry organizations, we have no stake in any of these industry and seek only to provide quality products to needy families.  This position is how we have become one of the leading consumer advocacy brands on the web.
  • Affordable - Rates run less than a dollar per day.
  • Note: this is available only to financial service providers and elder law attorneys

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