Outdoor Activities for Senior Citizens

Get Up and Get Out: Ways senior citizens can take advantage of the warm weather

The end of summer is drawing near, so now is the time to get outside and soak up every last ray of sunshine. Who wants to sit cooped up inside all day when the weather outside is gorgeous? Take advantage of the warm temperatures now by getting outside and participating in a fun outdoor activity or by bringing one of your favorite indoor activities out into the fresh air. Here are some outdoor activities for the elderly who are still young at heart!

Enjoy classic games. Find a table or grab a blanket and play cards, checkers or a board game with friends or family. Bring out your competitive side and round up a friendly game of shuffleboard. Pick a partner to play with or cheer on your friends. Make a tournament out of it to really up the ante and become the shuffleboard champion. Gather your friends or family members and create a scavenger hunt for everyone. Come up with a fun theme, split into teams and keep it around the property or make it throughout your senior living facility.

Get out and garden. Put your green thumb to use and do some gardening. Whether your planting your favorite flowers or vegetables, it’s a great activity to get you moving and with a beautiful or tasteful result.

Stretch it out. Grab a yoga mat and get some exercise with outdoor yoga.  There are special programs designed specifically for senior citizens and it is a great way to relax, stretch and meditate. Yoga is a simple way to get moving and give your body and mind some extra love.

Take a walk around the block. A nice stroll can lift moods and reenergize spirits. Take in the scenery and travel down a path you haven’t been down before. Maybe you’ll discover something new while getting your heart rate pumping.

Soak up the sun. Find different ways to spend more time outside. Listen to live music if there is a band playing nearby. Some parks feature outdoor concert series in the summertime so be sure to check if there any happening locally. Lay out a blanket in an open area, pack a few sandwiches and snacks and have a picnic. Enjoy an al fresco dining experience with friends or family in a nostalgic way.

Get inspired by nature. Bring out your inner artist and paint a canvas outdoors. Paint the scenery or see if a class is offered where you could follow a template or copy an image. Crafting is also another option for the outdoors. Paint a beautiful scenery or draw your own creation. Use of color has been linked to improving those who suffer from dementia, so don’t hold back on the bright paints and markers!

As long as the sun is shining, the opportunities for outdoor activities are endless. The activity may need to be determined by your health or mobility, but there are surely plenty of options for everyone. Not only are there physical benefits of being outside but there are mental ones as well. Remember to always stay hydrated while participating in any outdoor activity and if the temperatures are too hot, it may be best to stay inside. While the weather’s still nice, get up, get out and get moving!

About the Author

Ruth Folger Weiss is a blogger for Oakland Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, a nursing home in Oakland, NJ.

Reverse Mortgage Pros & Cons

For many seniors, retirement is a beautiful stage of life.  It is a time when your everyday professional obligations are over and you have more time than you’ve ever had before to enjoy life’s pleasures.  With this extra time, you have been able to babysit the grandchildren, and have enjoyed taking them fishing or baking cookies with them.  Or perhaps you have finally been able to take that sewing class or visit that antique car show that you were always curious about.  Maybe you have more time to meet some old friends for chess games in the park or Sunday morning brunches.  However, with this newfound freedom from not working comes a tradeoff: you may need to supplement your regular fixed income.  Fortunately for you, having a paid-off, or nearly paid off, home means you have an asset in the form of home equity that can help increase your cash flow.  All you need is the right tool to access it.

The Reverse Mortgage Loan

As many retirees have already discovered, a reverse mortgage is one such tool.  Defined as a mortgage loan for senior homeowners age 62 and older, this option allows its borrowers to access a portion of their home equity.  Although other options of accessing equity are available, such as selling the home or assuming a second mortgage, only a reverse mortgage loan allows borrowers to remain in the home without a monthly mortgage payment.  This is due to the fact that with a reverse mortgage loan, payment is deferred until a borrower permanently leaves the home.  Until then, no repayment is required unless the borrower defaults on loan terms.  For certain borrowers, the chance to age in their home combined with the ability to access equity without a required monthly mortgage payment is exactly what they are looking for.  But like any financial product, it is always intelligent to learn about both the disadvantages as well as the advantages.

The Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of a reverse mortgage can help you determine if this loan can benefit you.

The Pros of a Reverse Mortgage

  • The lender does not take ownership of your home as long as all loan terms are met.
  • Funds can be used as you wish, such as to cover daily expenses or pay off bills and credit card debt.
  • The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) reverse mortgage is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and has numerous consumer safeguards.
  • The loan is non-recourse, meaning that the home is the only asset that can be taken to repay the loan.
  • Insurance also protects the consumer from owing more than the value of the home when sold.

The Cons of a Reverse Mortgage

  • You may not live away from home for more than 12 consecutive months.  Your home must be your primary residence.
  • Because the loan’s repayment is deferred, a lien is placed on the home until repayment.
  • If your heirs wish to inherit the home instead of selling it, they must find another way of repayment, such as refinancing into a traditional mortgage.
  • The loan becomes due and payable if you do not fulfill the obligation to pay your property taxes, homeowners insurance and basic home repairs and maintenance.
  • Some borrowers who get a HECM reverse mortgage may be required to set-aside some loan funds to fulfill financial obligations during the loan.

Is This Loan Right for You?

These pros and cons can help you make a determination about whether or not this loan is right for you.

A reverse mortgage may not be right for you if:

  • You foresee leaving your home for more than 12 consecutive months, such as in a nursing home, a family member’s home, or in a second home.
  • You want to leave a free and clear home to your children as an inheritance.
  • You would prefer a loan without the protection of government insurance and the premium that comes with it.
  • You are unable to continue to pay the property taxes, insurance and regular maintenance of the home in order to meet the financial obligations of the loan.

However, a reverse mortgage may be right for you if:

  • You have no plans to move away from your home or sell it.
  • You prefer to age in place.
  • You want to access a portion of your home equity.
  • You don’t want to pay a monthly mortgage payment.
  • You have no heirs, your heirs are not interested in your home, or they don’t mind refinancing the reverse mortgage if they inherit the home.
  • You appreciate the protection that federal insurance this loan gives.
  • You like how the loan is non-recourse, which means no other asset except the home can be taken by the lender to repay the loan.

Armed with the knowledge of both the pros and cons of reverse mortgages, you can objectively decide if you would find this loan useful for your needs.  Calling a reputable lender and speaking with a reverse mortgage professional can also be a significant source of information for you, as you will get the chance to determine this loan’s benefits based on your personal situation.  For many senior homeowners, this loan has been the perfect fit to accomplish what they wanted in retirement.  With the right research, you are on your way to finding out if a reverse mortgage can work for you as well.

About American Advisors Group

American Advisors Group is the nation’s leader in reverse mortgage lending, and is dedicated to helping American seniors convert a portion of their home equity, a largely untapped asset, to help fund their retirement needs.  To check how much you may receive from a reverse mortgage, visit https://www.aag.com/reverse-mortgage-calculator/ for the American Advisors Group Reverse Mortgage Calculator.

American Advisors Group holds an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, has a 97% customer satisfaction rating and is a proud member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA). To learn more about American Advisors Group and reverse mortgages, please visit the company’s website at www.aag.com. 

About The Author

Alberta Lim is the Digital Content Writer for American Advisors Group, the #1 Reverse Mortgage company in the nation. Writing content for the company’s website, news and updates, and newsletters, plus being surrounded by the top Reverse Mortgage Professionals in the industry, means that she is no stranger to Senior Retirement Planning and Living.


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